Foreign Worker Supply

Our foreign worker supply services provide you with qualified and experienced foreign workers who are ready to join your workforce and help you achieve your goals. With our comprehensive staffing solutions, we guarantee that you’ll get the perfect match for any job. Stop wasting time and money on recruitment, and let AGENSI PEKERJAAN CHUAH S.S. SDN BHD handle all the hard work for you!

We Are Provided The Following Professional Services:

1. Application to Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK)
2. Submission to KDN and interview arrangement in KDN
  • Application on New Approval
  • Application of Approval Extension
  • Appeal for changing Gender application
  • Change of Company Detail

3. Biodata selection of quality foreign worker (after KDN approval letter)
4. Arrange interview at source country with employer (More than 30 pax)
5. Endorsement of Notary Public
6. Attestation of document at Embassies
7. Preparation of document and submission to immigration
  • Calling Visa
  • Sticker (Permit endorsement)
  • Permit Renewal
  • Permit Cancellation (C.O.M)

8. Arrange clearance for workers at airport with customer or representative
9. Transport arrangement from airport to customer location
10. Passport Extension (For Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar nationalities)
11. Fomema Registration
12. Insurance Policy
  • Insurance Guarantee
  • Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme (FWCS)
  • Foreign Worker Hospitalization Schme (SKHPPA)

13. Counseling team with interpreters to brief new workers on the rules & regulations of the company at the customer’s location
14. Counseling team with interpreters to settle problems as requested by customers on:-
  • Strikes
  • Work Performance
  • Attitude
  • Absentees
  • Payroll Disputes
  • Communication Problems

15. Supply of outsource workers
16. Hostel Management
17. Lost Passport Application (Done at Embassy)
18. Provide Service on Claim Back Levy Fees From Immigration
  • Preparation of Document
  • Submission document to Immigration

19. New System Submission VDR via FWCMS System
  • Assist client to submit bio data & medical report via electronically FWCMS system

20. Renewal Permit Services
  • Assist company apply renewal permit / extension permit via MYEG online system and etc..

21. Outsourcing Management of Local/ Foreign Worker
  • We are reliable and experience on given management services in all factory
  • Our client will outsource their worker management to us for manage their employment responsibility, transportation, accommodation, counseling, medical care, insurance and etc..
  • We will give orientation and training programs for workers to help & guide them in Malaysia Culture, law and employment practice.

Our Available Service

Direct Passport & Permit renewal reminder and assistance
  • Foreign Worker Passport & Working Permit renewal
  • Before three months have passed since the expiration date, we will remind current customers to renew their worker permits.
  • Given the client a quote for a permit renewal
  • Worker documentation preparation for permit renewal
  • To submit a permission renewal request to immigration or MYEG

6P Legalization Programme & Permit Renewal
  • We are 6P Legalization Programmed Agent.
  • All country workers' 6P working renewal is handled by us.
  • Given the client a quote for a permit renewal

Professional Workers Visa Application
  • We specialize in offering professional and semi-skilled application services in Malaysia for Malaysian relevant authorities and immigration advice.
  • We can support you or submit your professional permit renewal application on your behalf.

Foreign Worker Supply